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Tusket River Chapter TUC Annual General Meeting 2013

Welcome to the website for the Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada! This website is the home of our Chapter, and also is the host for the Nova Scotia Provincial River Watch program, which our Chapter administers. The content on the website is updated frequently, so check back often to see what we're up to.
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Tusket River Chapter TUC Annual General Meeting March 29, 2013

Held at Port Maitland, NS

Meeting convened at 6:30 pm with the President, Bill Curry, in the Chair.

Present: Gerry Curry, Marsha Curry, Norma Curry Josh Salmon, Theo Salmon, Bill Curry (6 memebrs)

Regrets:  Don MacPherson, Andrea McInnis, Ryan Surette, Michelle Wamboldt, Jerry Deveau, Kara Crowell,  (6 members)

Agenda: Motion: Approved agenda

 Minutes: The minutes of the 2012 AGM were noted and accepted

 Treasurer’s Report: The income statement and balance sheet

The Income and balance sheet were distributed to the members.

2012 Budget: Need to approve expenditures for BMB Project, incl. Memberships and equipment (Signs, sheets,and kits) – approx. Much lower cost this time – basically upkeep – to $300.

TUC’s support of River Watch. TUC National has agreed to support the River Watch Program in Nova Scotia which we administer. This means that that item, and the monies from that program are no longer necessary to show as an expense to us, as we will simply submit the bills to TUC National. This means there is no budget item any longer for this activity – except that we shall, of course, show our expenses and the re-imbursement of same from TUC National. We are very pleased to have the backing of TUC National on this project.

Motion: Approve the Treasurer’s Report – motion made by Gerry and seconded by Norma – passed
Current balance $441.39

 Presidents Report:

New Project on Big Meadow brook:
President and VP tour of Tin Mine courtesy of Mine Staff – report
Now in handbook – hand out handbooks, note new proposal

Comment on the past year and what the project discovered – stats on creel surveys

Comment on going forward for this year – continuation of the project, plans for 2014.

AIS update – Success! Meeting with Inland Fisheries staff April 10, 2013

River Watch training session and TUC building opportunity in April in Antigonish!

Motion: Approve the Presidents Report – passed by concensus .

New Business:                                                None

Motion to adjourn – 7:15 pm





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