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Big Meadow Brook ready for Trout Season 2013

Welcome to the website for the Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada! This website is the home of our Chapter, and also is the host for the Nova Scotia Provincial River Watch program, which our Chapter administers. The content on the website is updated frequently, so check back often to see what we're up to.
August 2017
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normacreelSeveral members of the Tusket River Chapter TUC spent Easter morning at the Big Meadow Brook project. The creel survey which drew reports from 26 anglers and counted over 200 trout in 2012 is back and set up for 2013, and the project is in the Angler’s Handbook as a proposed Special Trout Management area for 2014. The project over-wintered well, and all signs were either repaired or replaced, the creel station was re-installed and the signage deisgnating the area upstream of the Highway 203 bridge as part of the Voluntary Creel Census area was re-installed. We look forward to partnering with the many anglers who made the project so successful in 2012, and hope the 2013 season allows us to move forward to the Special Trout Management area for 2014.

If anyone has comments or questions about the project, please contact one of our members, or Bill Curry, President Tusket River TUC.

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