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Big Meadow Brook project becomes Special Trout Management Area

Welcome to the website for the Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada! This website is the home of our Chapter, and also is the host for the Nova Scotia Provincial River Watch program, which our Chapter administers. The content on the website is updated frequently, so check back often to see what we're up to.
August 2017
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sept194The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada is thrilled to announce that the Big Meadow Brook Project that we have been working on for four years has now entered it’s actual implementation stage and has become a Special Trout Management area.
The Province of Nova Scotia released the new Angling Regulations and for 2014 the regulations include the following:
Big Meadow Brook, Tusket River
Upstream from Highway 203 near East Kemptville, single hook lure or artificial fly, natural bait is prohibited, no speckled trout may be retained.

This is the first step in the ongoing special management of the trout on this system, one which we hope will lead to a better fishery on the watershed, and which will yield a more healthy river overall.
The Chapter has been working on this project for four years and has been studying the size and catches of trout for the last two years, and we have had input and results from dozens of people who have fished the river and have data on hundreds of fish. It is the Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada’s hope that with the catch and release only provision being in place the trout will grow larger and breed more efficiently,as the biology of the stream suggests it can hold more and bigger trout. This is the Province’s first Special Trout Management Area in Yarmouth, Shelburne or Digby Counties, and the Chapter looks forward to continuing to work with the Province to study the impact of the new regualtions.

The watershed is located on Highway 203, known locally as the Tin Mine Road, and the area for the Special Trout Management Area is upstream from the bridge that crosses Big Meadow Brook just east of the Tin Mine entrance., and it contains all of the watershed above (upstream) of this bridge. The area includes the tributaries, such as the managed release of water coming from the Tin Mine which is improved water being released from the old mine site by Rio Algom Ltd, who have cooperated completely with the TUC Chapter.

The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada notes that while fishing is limited to single hook lures and artificial flies, another good step for anglers to take voluntarily is to also use barbless or de-barbed hooks in their fishing to enhance the required catch and release of fish. To make your fly or lure barbless, simply use a pair of pliers and squeeze the barb shut. This will allow anglers to quickly release the fish, which should be out of water for the smallest amount of time possible, if at all. Experienced anglers can use barbless hooks and release fish without ever having the fish leave the water, and without holding the fish and thereby impacting the protective coating on the fish’ skin.

For more information about the project, please contact The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada.

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