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River Watch Reporting

This section of the website is for River Watch Monitors to report their observed river activities to us easily.  Monitors have three choices to report to us, and we encourage you to report using one of the three methods:

1. Leave a Reply below – ONLY River Watch monitors who have done the course since 2007 may use this area. If you are a River Watch monitor and were given the course before that time, please use one of the other two methods to contact us (and we’ll also get you updated so that you may report here in the future). ONLY currently registered (i.e. since 2007) River Watch monitors will see their comments here – ALL others will not be displayed.

The Public or River Watch monitors who have not been re-registered should use either method 2 or 3 to report an observation or to inquire about an activity – and again, we would ask that you also fill out a Reply below, which we will then add to our database and follow up on with the authorities :

2. Call us at 902-649-2428 (this is not yet a toll free number)

3. E-mail us at flyfish@billcurry.ca

If the observation is an emergency, and you feel it requires immediate official action (from DNR/Fisheries and Oceans or whomever – usually this means you observe someone breaking the law) call DNR and tell them your River Watch number:


If you call, we would ask that you also fill out a comment below informing us of this action, so that we may follow up on behalf of the River Watch program.


  1. #26 says:

    March 31, camping, river drive, lake echo.
    no illegal activities.
    the usual winter garbage.(bagged and removed)
    2 car seats from some bodies van.still there.

  2. #26 says:

    April 1, river road, lake echo
    no illegal activity.
    seen 2 vehicles all morning.
    both with children.nice to see.
    water levels seemed a little low
    for april.only fished 2 hours
    cold and windy,fishing slow

  3. Monitor #28 says:

    Fishing the Shubenecadie River, April 19, 2010. 6:00 pm two men arrived on opposite (East) side of river. Each man set up 2 baited rods in holders, one man also threw a lure with a 3rd rod. Man #1 using 2 rods . Man #2 using 3 rods. DFO called and Officer dispatched.

  4. Monitor #28 says:

    Returned to the Shubenecadie River Friday April 22 at approximately 5:45. Was not fishing at the time, just having a look. 7 fishermen were counted on the river. Noticed a late model silver Crew Cab Lincoln pick-up truck, similar to that seen on the 19th. Had a look down the bank on the East side of the river, there were two fishermen resembling the individuals seen on the 19th fishing, each was using only one rod for the short time I was there.

  5. #26 says:

    was @ alboro lake tonite, fella on the beach was bragging about catching and keeping
    100 smelt a few days before.I asked him if he knew what the limit was. he replied
    “I know its only 60 smelts,but I drove 40 mins,had to make it worth my while”

    dont remember where he got smelts.but is a local to dartmouth by the sounds of it.
    he had been fishing alboro for a few days.

  6. RW #5 says:

    Went to Shubenacadie Grand Lake WADRA area. Checked garbage cans . Did a small clean up on shoreline. Checked two wood duck boxes I am taking care of for Ducks Unlimited. There was a young fellow fishing from shore and I talked to him about the river watch program.

  7. RW #3 says:

    Location: Herbert River, Hants Co. (June 11)

    Had chat with local lady, and we both agreed about how much we enjoyed fishing. She then said she didn’t like the bag limit (5) on trout. In a friendly conversation, I reminded her that if we all kept everything we caught, there would be no trout left for her and I to enjoy. She smiled, and also mentioned her little grandson. “Be good to leave a few for him.” she said. Nice outcome.

  8. Fishing Pleasant River today and seen 12 fellow fisherman. All were playing nicely !!!
    No fish biting but sill a good day . Water levels a little high and warming up.

  9. DC says:

    Went to Shubenacadie Grand Lake lock # 5. I posted a River Watch Poster and checked three garbage cans. Water is low and ice is out of the cove. Lot’s of ducks around. The area could use a clean up once the ground firms up.

  10. Bill Curry says:

    Phoned DNR after a fellow at a store bragged about catching and “cooking up a mess of trout” on March 19 ! They now have his license plate and will look for him!

  11. April 20, 2012 – Fished at a pool just below the Anti-Dam Flowage on Fifteen Mile Stream, a tributary to East River, Sheet Harbour. The rocks and shoals surrounding the pool are covered with a bright white crust, like a heavy residue from something in the water. This hasn’t been here in past years, and perhaps should be investigated. The location is approx. 20 kms NNE of Sheet Harbour, on Route #374.

  12. RW 33 says:

    Fishing Pleasant River today. Seen 2 people in a boat trolling the river. They had a few fish within limits . Good day on the water.
    RW 33

  13. mark says:

    out camping & fishing in lake echo sat nite. been doing this for 10 yrs +.
    never once seen an officer.since it is now desinated a wilderness area
    they have been showing regular. they were there twice in one nite. and two
    different officers too. got a card from one of them, and have his direct line
    they also got 1 fella for not having a license.gave him a week to produce.
    area was pretty clean for a change
    water low,fishing not to bad tho

  14. RA says:

    Fished Grand Lake from the WADRA park on November 17th. Been there multiple times this fall, and seen lots of anglers every time I’m there, with no infractions noted. What I have noticed is that somebody has put a couple of garbage cans near the boat launch however, they have not been emptied in the past couple months. Garbage is now piling up all over the area.

  15. Browsing kijiji I found this advertisement in which the poster brags of catching “Sobey’s bags full” of small trout. The river is not mentioned. I can’t say for sure, but it is likely that he has been catching and keeping more than his limit. Might be worth having a CO contact him to ask questions.


  16. March 11, 5:45 pm, saw an adult male fishing the Shubenecadie River below hwy 102. Was driving by,could not get any details on vehicle or person, but called DNR to report. Received a call back, talked to a CO, will keep an eye on that location over the next few days.

  17. Ryan Anderson says:

    Was fishing Grand Lake yesterday morning. While fishing the channel between the main lake and Little Grand I got a visit from a seal. This seal has been spotted in the lake for most of the summer, and is still there. With winter coming and the inevitable freeze-up of the lake, this seal is in for a slow painful death from starvation if it doesn’t find it’s way out of the lake, either by itself or with intervention from DFO/DNR.

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