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Big Meadow Brook Project

Tusket River Chapter of Trout  Unlimited Canada


Notice to Anglers

The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Inland Fisheries are doing a Trout Management Study during the fishing seasons of 2012 and 2013 at Big Meadow Brook near Kemptville, Nova Scotia.

This area of Big Meadow Brook upstream from the Route 203 Highway bridge is subject during this time to a voluntary angler’s creel survey. Members of the Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada will be asking anglers to fill out forms in an attempt to understand what the trout population is like in this watershed. Anglers may also voluntarily fill out the form and return it to us in the bins provided at the parking spot at the south end of the dirt road leading to the stream, which begins east of the bridge, or you may fill out a form online here and let us know that way.

The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada and the Department of Inland Fisheries are attempting to see if the stream would benefit by special designation as a Special Trout management area, which designation would hopefully see the trout numbers and size increase with a few simple rules which would be implemented in 2014, namely single barbless or debarbed hook artificial lures (flies or single hook spinners for example), and initially there might be a size limit minimum to make sure the trout can grow larger.

The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada thank all anglers for allowing us to study the stream, and we would love to hear your comments either in person or on our website below.

Thank You for your participation !

If you wish to submit an online report, please do so below in the Leave a Reply section

Tell us the weather conditions and date you fished the stream, the number and sizes of the fish you caught and the size of each fish kept or released (and please indicate if you kept or released the fish). For example, your report could look like:

April 8 – clear and calm day, caught 4 trout. Sizes were:
10 inch (kept)

9 inch, 8 inch and 7 inch all released.


Thanks for your willingness to help – we look forward to letting everyone know about the project…


  1. Bill Curry says:

    We’ve had our first reports – thanks to those anglers who are helping to make the project become a success!

  2. Kara Crowell says:

    Hi Bill sorry these are late (only by 2 maybe 3 months)
    These fish were all caught between the last 2 weeks of May and the first 2 of June.
    Daytime conditions were sunny and no wind (Black flies proved that) 10 fish in total all released. 2-4inch, 5-6inch, 3-10inch. and all were caught in the pool above the bridge.
    TTYL Kara

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