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Tusket River Chapter TUC Annual Meeting

Tusket River Chapter TUC Annual Meeting will be held at 6:30 pm at 3455 Highway #1, Port Maitland on March 29th (friday). Please let Bill know if you will be attending as some material will be passed out at this meeting.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Bill – 649-2428 or wcurry(at)

Work begins at Big Meadow Brook Proposed Special Trout Management Area

The Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada began formal work on the Big Meadow Brook project on Saturday March 30, with Chapter President Bill Curry and Vice President Gerry Curry placing the signage and the Voluntary Creel Survey stand at the site in East Kemptville. The Chapter is doing a 2 year voluntary creel study of anglers and their catches in the area, in preparation for making the area a Special Trout Management area in 2014. Anglers will be asked to fill out information about their catches and the Chapter and the Provincial department of Inland Fisheries will then study the information and see what difference the proposed regulations make in the years after the new regulations come into effect in 2014.
The Chapter has access to historical records as well, and is working hand in hand with local landowners and businesses as well as with local anglers to make a difference for the trout in the upper Tusket River system.

Photos of the work so far shown below (taken by Bill Curry and Gerry Curry)

Tusket River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada Annual General Meeting 2012

Minutes – Tusket River Chapter TUC Annual General Meeting March 30, 2012

 Held at Port Maitland, NS

Meeting convened at 5:05 pm with the President, Bill Curry, in the Chair.

Present:  (9 memebrs)

Regrets:  (1 member)

Agenda: Motion: Approve agenda – approved

Minutes: The minutes of the 2011 AGM were noted and accepted

 Treasurer’s Report: The income statement and balance sheet

The Income and balance sheet were distributed to the members.

2012 Budget: Need to approve expenditures for BMB Project, incl. Memberships and equipment (Signs, sheets, camera, cards and kits) – approx. $3500. Plus $1500 for TUC’s support of River Watch.

It was moved that the executive be empowered to spend the $3500 as allotted for the Big Meadow Brook project, and spend the $1500 for River Watch activities as budgeted. Motion made by Greg, seconded by Andrea – passed.

Motion: Approve the Treasurer’s Report – motion made by Gerry and seconded by Andrea – passed
Current balance $5478.30 receipt of project funds from TUC National and our grants and past account balance. (see Budget sheets)

Presidents Report:

New Project on Big Meadow brook:
Attached proposal and explanation of what we will do

Sample Creel forms

Short River Watch – style training session

Motion: Approve the Presidents Report – passed by concensus (which is our preferred mode of doing motions except for budgetary concerns where we will note mover and seconder and acceptance.) 

Election of Officers:

Bill Curry – President
Gerry Curry – Vice President
Andrea McInnis – Secretary

Bill will act as interim Treasurer until Greg’s operation, at which time he may take over as Treasurer.

New Business:                      None

Motion to adjourn at 6:05 p.m.